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before you die, you see the ring.

LJ's very first Ring/The Ring Community
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Come here for intelligent conversation about the Ring book trilogy (Ring, Rasen, and Loop), series of movies (Japanese and the Korean and American remakes), TV series, or games. Ringworms and newbies alike are all welcome.

Anything spoiler-related, exceptionally creepy, large, or containing material and/or excessive language that someone viewing the community from work or school would get in trouble for doing so is asked to please contain lj cuts.
Opinions are wonderful things, but play nice and don't feed the trolls. Inappropriate posts are subject to deletion or spankings by the mods. Thank you for not cunting in our community.

As a side note, thanks to whoever stole the community Sadako "Thanks for not feeding the trolls" image as it's cost the owner lots in bandwidth. Because, as you know, it's not like PhotoBucket is free for the Intarweb community at large. *thumbs up*

Feel free to post icons and graphics that you have made, just please make sure that they are of interest to the community, and again - please use lj cuts.

In the community's interest list there are listed several other Japanese movies of interest, many of them in the horror (or just plain shock) genre. Feel free to discuss them here as well, just include lj-cuts for many other people may not have seen these movies.

Our one question FAQ: "Why did you name the community 'ringu' if you don't like people calling the movies that?"

miharu: I named it that rather than thering because I didn't want to alienate either audience, the remake fans (this was before the remake had been released, or before Dreamworks had released the original movie as "Ringu") or the fans of the original. So, on a whim I went with "ringu". Why does calling the series by that name bug me? Because it's just the pronounciation of how the Japanese write out the katakana for a 'loan word.' For example, it's like saying "Fainaru Fantashii" instead of Final Fantasy or "Sera Muun" instead of Sailor Moon. It's a little goobery thing to get all bent out of shape about, but it is mildly irritating. That's all. ;p

.: links

.super duper ring megasource (this should be every ring fan's bible) - ringworld
.ring manga scanlations - nensha manga
.buy the ring and rasen (spiral) novels in english - vertical, inc.
.us official movie site - the ring
.us official sequel movie site - the ring 2
.us official sequel promo/rpg site - she is here
.us official sequel cursed video promo site - the tape
.japanese official remake site - the ring
.us 'webgame' information for original us remake - the defunct argn forums
.ring fanlisting - you saw it
.another ring fanlisting (site down) - 7 days
.our sister community - thering
.the takashi miike movie community - takashi_miike

If you have a link that you would like to see in the community info, please let miharu know.

Official community LJ icon courtesy of the lovely kuraisoma, the alternate icon was drawn by the equally lovely sistersinister.